Over the past few years, I've gotten hooked on making and trading charms.  The little charms are mini works of art that can be worn or used in other art adventures.

Here is a link to a fun charm album...


A small coffee table top I made for our lanai.  The tiles were different gifties from friends and house projects over the years.  The fish were salvaged from our Redondo kitchen and some of the tiles were from my parent's house.  Love to 'upcycle' in art!

Another table for the lanai.  Mosaics work great for our dusty Kihei when the wind gets blowing!
  Watch for a 'mosaic tutorial' on the fun stuff page so you can make one for yourself also.



Dancing Frog Farm
mixed media collage on canvas, 8" x 8"
Daughter Keely with her animals and her husband, Tristan on his tractor playing on their farm where they raise mini goats, mini horses, dogs, cats, and more and now children!

Kyle's Wind Farm
kinetic mixed media collage on wood, 6"x 6"

Surf Lesson
mixed media on cigar box, 10" x 10"

Super Agent
mixed media in cigar box with plexiglass cover, 8" x 8"

A gift for our dear friend Carolyn upon selling her first house.


Here's a different kind of mobile!  I've had a few of years of dealing with severe food allergies and an auto immune disease.  My acupuncturist, Teri, was so helpful along with my doctor getting me back on track.  Teri encouraged me to make art pieces focusing on getting well.  This was one of my favorites.

I used alcohol inks to get the great marbled finish on the flatware.