Commissioned Pieces....

Here are a few jewelry commissions people have requested for special occasions or using a special item incorporated in the jewelry.

This necklace was made for a Bridal Shower gift using the couple's engagement photographs.  The focal piece is a photograph encased in glass with a soldered frame.  These memorable pieces are a perfect gifts for brides, new moms or grammies.


These two necklaces were made using shells and sea glass that the owners found while here on Maui.  What a unique keepsake to take home.  If you have a certain something you would like to be able to wear, contact me--I have lots of ideas!


This piece was commissioned for a bird lover.  I used ads from a 1920's Nature magazine and birdie clippings to collage a cigar box for the gift box holding a soldered bird collage necklace.


When our friends at Maui Closets made our wall bed for my studio, I treated Debbie with this 'Closet Angel' pin.

She liked it so much, she ordered more to give as gifts!

The angels were 'cut' out of copper using a jeweler's saw, then 'stamped' (with steel stamps and a hammer).  Liver of Sulfur gives them that aged look and lastly, beads and hangers and pin backs were attached.